Welcome to Interpersonal Counselling

Interpersonal Counselling is a collective of health professionals who strive to empower and mobilise clients to achieve their optimum physical and mental selves.


When a client meets with us for therapy, it is our hope and intention to provide a safe therapeutic relationship in which they can communicate their experiences (past and present) and explore their emotions and thoughts with somone who wants to listen and understand, with the goal of resolving some of their struggles and distress.  


Our work is passionately grounded in a person respecting that the lives of our clients are complex, their needs diverse, and that they are influenced by the broader social realities in which they live. We work from the perspective that there is a link between a client's inner world and their place in society.  


Our approach to supporting our clients is to listen to their experiences and needs in an open and non-judgmental way, providing counselling, information, options, advocacy and therapeutic interventions in partnership with them.


We welcome all enquiries regardless of their social background, culture, race, sexual orientation or religion.


We are a group of psychologists, social workers and counsellors who bring a vast array of skills and experience through our work with our clients.  We practice in a variety of locations throughout the Melbourne area.